English Language course in Delhi

Langma International was established in 2007 initially as an English language institute, and although we still focus a great deal of our energy and training on English, Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd has made the transition to a center of excellence in a range of languages.
Our international team provide exceptional training in Hindi, English, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Persian and many more, this wide range is provided by both native speakers and experts of Indian origin, all our faculty are extremely proficient and experienced, there by offering the highest standard of training.
Our objective is to provide exceptional teaching to students of all ages and levels, from school standard to professional academics no matter what background or discipline they are engaged in, and we aim to exceed the expectations of our students by providing outcomes derived from the excellence of our training.
Our mission is to provide the highest possible standard of foreign language training and encourage sustainable development with innovation in an environment of creative language acquisition.
If you are looking for knowledge based interactive programmes leading to success in the field of Foreign languages Langma School of languages has everything you need all under one roof.


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